So, what is Swim It?

This virtual challenge allows you to take control on where, when and how you swim your 21 miles. (Respect to all you butterfliers out there!)

When you sign up to Swim It, you'll be able to set up your very own personalised fundraising page where you can log your miles to track your progress, and collect donations from your supporters.

You can also join our Swim It Facebook group to get support and meet the 2023 team!

Whilst you'll be going the distance, we'll be here to support you through your challenge. Check out our FAQ's below or get in touch with us.

Good things come to those who swim...

To thank you for your hard work, we have some exclusive merch up for grabs so you can really look the part and Swim It in style.

Raise £10 for your Macmillan swimming cap.

Raise £200 for your Swim It medal and badge.

Raise £500 for your Macmillan swimming towel and water bottle.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some popular questions we get asked. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us at or on 0300 1000 200.

About Swim It


Technical support and tracking your distance